Highland Soaps

From only $4972/month (10% of total revenue) coming from email marketing to $135,079/month (61% Of Total revenue) directly attributable to email marketing in under 8 months

A leading organic Scottish soap brand recognized the untapped potential of email marketing to drive revenue and strengthen customer engagement. With limited experience in email marketing, they approached us to help them develop an effective email strategy, optimize their campaigns, and maximize the revenue potential from their engaged customer base.


The brand faced the challenge of leveraging their engaged customer base and limited email marketing resources to drive revenue growth. With basic campaigns, no automation, and a disengaged email list, they needed expert guidance to transform their email marketing approach and unlock the true potential of this powerful channel.


Through our strategic email marketing approach, the brand transformed their email marketing efforts from basic to highly effective. The results speak for themselves, with a significant portion of their revenue being attributed to email marketing and a remarkable 61% revenue contribution from email after just 8 months of working together.

Highland Soaps

Organic Soap

Short Term Results
from £4972/month to $40,547/month from email in first 90 days

Long Term Results
61% of monthly revenue (£135,079) coming from email after 8 months

Emma Parton
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From Only $4972/Month Coming From Email Marketing To $135,079/Month In Under 8 Months