Lorenzo Veratti

From zero email marketing to £1,664,355 per year in additional revenue using The R.E.S Formula

Jack Spellacy, the visionary founder of Lorenzo Veratti, recognized the immense potential of email marketing in scaling his men's fashion brand. Seeking to leverage this powerful tool, Jack approached us to develop and implement a comprehensive email marketing strategy that would drive growth and propel Lorenzo Veratti to million-pound success.


With no prior experience in email marketing, Jack faced the challenge of effectively utilizing this channel to build brand awareness, engage customers, and drive conversions. Our task was to develop a tailored email marketing strategy that would maximize the potential of Lorenzo Veratti's customer base and accelerate the brand's growth.

Short-Term Results

During the initial phase of our collaboration, we focused on establishing a strong foundation for Lorenzo Veratti's email marketing initiatives. Our strategies aimed to optimize customer segmentation, create engaging email campaigns, and automate key processes.

Long-Term Results

As our partnership with Jack and Lorenzo Veratti progressed, we witnessed impressive long-term results that exceeded expectations. 

  • Revenue Growth: Lorenzo Veratti experienced exponential revenue growth driven by the power of email marketing. The brand generated over £1,664,355 in annual revenue, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategies in driving conversions and maximizing customer lifetime value.

  • Customer Engagement: The tailored and engaging email campaigns we developed fostered strong customer engagement. With an average email open rate of 50%, Lorenzo Veratti successfully captured and maintained the attention of its audience, strengthening brand loyalty and increasing repeat purchases.

  • Repeat Sales and Customer Retention: By implementing personalized email flows and rewards programs, we incentivized repeat sales and customer retention. Customers were motivated to engage with the brand, resulting in increased customer lifetime value and a loyal customer base.


Through our collaboration and strategic implementation of email marketing initiatives, Lorenzo Veratti, successfully scaled from a nascent brand to a million-pound men's fashion powerhouse. By leveraging the power of targeted segmentation, engaging email campaigns, automation, and list growth strategies, Lorenzo Veratti achieved remarkable revenue growth and cultivated a loyal customer base. 

The brand's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of effective email marketing, propelling Lorenzo Veratti to unprecedented success in the competitive men's fashion industry.

Lorenzo Veratti

Men's Fashion

Short Term Results
£785,864 in additional revenue generated from initial email marketing campaigns

Long Term Results
An additional £1,664,355 revenue per year directly from email marketing

Jack Spellacy
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