Cloud Paper

6.4 million impressions & 160% subscription growth With Just A $50 Ad Budget

Cloud Paper were right in the middle of a tricky situation – the second wave of toilet paper shortage during the pandemic with a minimum budget. So we rolled up our sleeves and got creative. With a growing email subscriber list,we leveraged the power of social media and email marketing to boost customer retention and generate consistent revenue. With a dash of innovation, we turned this challenge into a golden opportunity.


The world's biggest toilet paper giveaway. And with just a $50 Ad budget, we donated 124,607 rolls and racked up 6.4 million impressions.

In just three months, we saw our revenue go through the roof, with subscriptions skyrocketing by a hefty 160%.

And the cherry on top? We didn't just make headlines, we practically owned them. Our story landed us a spot on the Stephen Colbert Show, and we had our moment in the sun on Fast Company, Variety, Geekwire – you name it.

Let's be real, this was more than just a win. It was like hitting a home run in the advertising ballpark. It was big, it was bold, and heck, it was downright HUGE!

Cloud Paper

Sustainable Toilet Paper

Short Term Results
The world's biggest toilet paper giveaway. we donated 124,607 rolls

Long Term Results
Significant month-on-month growth in email revenue, with email marketing contributing 30% of Total monthly revenue

Shivani Shah,
Creative Art Director
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6.4 Million Impressions & 160% Subscription Growth With Just A $50 Ad Budget
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