Fail Forward

From 0% of revenue attributed to email marketing to 25% in under 90 days after implementing the R.E.S Email Formula

Fail Forward, a rising luxury men's fashion brand, recognized the need to optimize their marketing strategies to overcome high paid ads costs and tap into the power of customer retention. As a fairly new company with no prior experience in email marketing, they approached us to develop an effective email strategy that would help them build customer relationships, increase brand loyalty, and drive revenue growth.


Fail Forward faced the challenge of reducing their paid ads costs and finding a cost-effective channel to engage and retain customers. With a small but growing email subscriber list, they wanted to leverage the power of email marketing to boost customer retention and generate consistent revenue.

Long-Term Results

Significant month-on-month growth in email revenue, with email marketing contributing to 25% of monthly revenue, showcases the successful integration of email marketing into Fail Forward's overall marketing strategy.

Fail Forward

Men's Fashion

Short Term Results
0%-25% email attributable revenue in 90 days

Long Term Results
Significant month-on-month growth in email revenue to date

Emmanuel Brown
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From 0% Of Revenue Attributed To Email Marketing To 25% In Under 90 Days After Implementing The R.E.S Email Formula
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