From 6% to 25% email attributable revenue in 3 months

FadedStore faced the challenge of finding a cost-effective channel to engage and retain customers. With a substantial email subscriber list, they wanted to leverage the power of email marketing to boost customer retention and generate consistent revenue.


In just three months, we witnessed a substantial increase in email attributable revenue, soaring from 6% to an impressive 25%. This immediate impact demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach and its ability to generate tangible returns on investment in a short period.

However, the true success of our collaboration was evident in the long-term results. FadedStore experienced significant month-on-month growth in email revenue, with email marketing contributing an impressive 36% of the total monthly revenue. This achievement showcased the seamless integration of email marketing into Faded's overall marketing strategy, as it played a crucial role in building customer relationships, increasing brand loyalty, and driving sustained revenue growth.

By addressing FadedStore's challenge of finding a cost-effective channel for customer engagement and retention, our tailored email marketing strategy proved to be a game-changer. Leveraging the power of their existing email subscriber list, we managed to transform it into a valuable asset, generating consistent revenue and paving the way for continued success in the competitive men's fashion niche.


Men's Fashion

Short Term Results
From 6% to 25% email attributable revenue in 3 months

Long Term Results
Significant month-on-month growth in email revenue with email marketing contributing to 36% of Total monthly revenue

Thomas McDermott,
Senior Paid Ads Specialist
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